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Memorandum 2014: Alternative Economic Policy Both Germany and the US follow an economic policy without enlightenment. Slight economic stimulation will not solve problems of mass unemployment and corporate welfare. Tax evasion of corporations, tax cuts for the super-rich and trillions for the banks lead … Continue reading

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Neoliberalism Blames Individuals for Inequality by Patrick Schreiner

Neoliberalism Blames Individuals for Inequality by Patrick Schreiner, March 13, 2014 In neoliberal theories, social justice is not a meaningful category and social inequality is a necessary result of market processes. Performance justice is a necessary illusion. Responsibility for … Continue reading

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The Useful State

The Useful State by Robert Misik, July 10, 2015 “With slogans like “Less State, More Private,” the state was run down for years. Neoliberal ideology managed to present it as a bureaucratic monster that lives off the economy with … Continue reading

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The Middle Class Abolishes Itself: Cornelia Koppetisch

The Middle Class Abolishes Itself. Interview with sociologist Cornelia Koppetisch. Middle class citizens with a little wealth who invested this on the stock exchange are responsible for certain jobs becoming more and more precarious. When businesses are increasingly controlled … Continue reading

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“The Great Transformation Has Begun”: Interview with Fabian Scheidler

“The Great Transformation Has Begun” : Interview with Fabian Scheidler, author of “The End of the Mega-Machine: History of a Failed Civilization” (2015) The core of this system, its over-arching law, is the endless accumulation of capital. That is … Continue reading

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Farewell to Homo Oeconomicus Capitalism is not running so well. Is this because people are judged wrongly with misguided models? We must listen to our social side, says researcher Tania Singer The model of homo oeconomicus is antiquated and over-simplified. Dominant economic models … Continue reading

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