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You Want to Move to Canada if Trump Wins?

“The US has always been Canada’s Mexico” Maybe Senator Sanders will win in Iowa and become a snowball that grows bigger and bigger! to read the hilarious article by Alex Lithwick and Dahlla Lithwick published on Jan 27 on, … Continue reading

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Rosa Luxemburg Explains Capitalism Using Spoons

to read the book excerpt “Rosa Luxemburg Explains Capitalism Using Spoons” by Kate Evans, Verso Books, published on, Jan 14, 2016, click on The inspiring life, engaging prose and intellectual prowess of Rosa Luxemburg leap off the page … Continue reading

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The arc of history bends toward justice!

The arc of history bends toward justice (MLK). The welcoming tradition is part of American history, not only the traditions of fear and personal enrichment. The one thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history. The … Continue reading

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TransCanada sues the US for $15 billion under NAFTA

Orwell warned against Newspeak where lies become truth and slavery becomes freedom. The TPP like the TTIP and TISA is a blatant threat to democracy and the constitutional state. A parallel private arbitration court system excludes the public, allows foreign … Continue reading

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Social Inequality Today by Helmut Martens

Social Inequality Today by Helmut Martens, Jan 2015 The neoliberal rollback has created growing instabilities. An advancing process of de-democratization and social re-feudalization is connected with the rise of the new “super-rich.”.. The development of global capitalism reveals its … Continue reading

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