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Markets as a Fetish, Globalization for the Many, and Dissent Management by Joachim Hirsch, Rainer Mausfeld, and Werner Raza Rainer Mausfeld explains how emancipative needs for change are neutralized. Democratic societies are only acceptable to the centers of power … Continue reading

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The Social State is the Future

The social state is the future and isn’t “Bolshevism”! The state should fulfill the public interest and fight poverty. Trickle-down neoliberal economic theory is rife with lies and myths and leads to exploding inequality and precarious labor. Around 1980, wages … Continue reading

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Five Things the Shutdown Shows Us About 2019 Number One: Trump Will Be Even More Off the Rails It can’t be stated often enough: The most powerful office in the world is occupied by a myopic egomaniac.

“What is The American Left?”by Norman Birnbaum

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Taxes – The Great Bluff

by Nico Beckert and zebralogs

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Don the con is a moron and a phony, the pathological narcissist is a pathological paranoia, a clear and present danger – who should go to his room It’s not too late to be a Canadian hockey fan!! broadcasts 7 … Continue reading

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Capitalism means Crisis and Trade War by Elmar Altvater and Christian Schroeppel `Capitalism contains crisis as rainclouds contain rain, said Jean Jaures, a 19th-century French socialist. Big Pharma, Big Wall Street, and Big Military Complex have armies of lobbyists. … Continue reading

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Video-Book TV: “The Narcissism Epidemic” by Jean Twenge, Narcissism, the cult of specialness, was said to be the ladder of success and yet leads to anti-social behavior, contempt for others, exploding inequality, doublespeak, and megalomania. Solipsism, the peak of … Continue reading

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