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“Ten Years after the Financial Crash” by Rudolf Hickel, Dec 2018 How mainstream economics dealt with the crisis For the first time,  the connections and consequences of speculative capitalism dominating the real economy were made visible.

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“Capitalism is Responsible for Your Depressing Office Building”

Over a century ago, John Ruskin predicted how ugly and inhuman industrialized capitalism would become. By Chris Gelardi

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Video: David Harvey explains the “Crisis of Capitalism,” RSA Animate, 2010, 11 min more at,,,, and

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Rights instead of Alms

It is time to champion a basic right to housing and ensure its reality. “An authentic faith that is never comfortable and individualistic always includes the deep desire to change the world,” wrote Pope Francis. Every Christian and every community … Continue reading

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The crowd is untruth and the Twitterer is untruth

Flakes, morons, phonies and the bull-headed need civil society as the particular needs the universal or the penultimate needs the ultimate (Dietrich Bonhoeffer).Truth is often indirect – wounding from behind. (Soren Kierkegaard). Truth wells up within us at that moment … Continue reading

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What are the Alternatives to Neoliberal Globalization? by Joachim Hirsch and Gert Ewen Ungar

Capitalism seemed to have a more social or civilized face for a time. After Roosevelt’s New Deal and the defeat of fascism, gradual development of the social state occurred in Europe. Unions were accepted. The rulers were forced to several … Continue reading

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Ten Years After the Financial Crash by Rudolf Hickel, 2018 US economic statistics are dubious since financial markets are based on financial products and money out of nothing. Tax havens, micro-second betting, stock buybacks, and corruption through lobbying are market-distorting and cause revenue shortfalls. Capitalism contains crisis as rain clouds contain rain (Jean Jaures). Capitalism is rife with contradictions where CEOs are stylized “job creators” and workers are degraded as “cost factors.” Capitalism creates false needs, false values, and false consciousness while commodifying all life and reducing our partner nature to an external, free good or sink (cf. Herbert Marcuse). Markets and competition are fetishes. Neoliberalism is an ideology and indoctrination where private wealth is everything and public good is nothing.

The system that made fearmongers and con-men like Cheney, Paul Ryan, and Donald Trump rich is a system of false needs, false values, and false consciousness. Socialism for the super-rich and rugged individualism for the majority!The bull-headed is mistaken for … Continue reading

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