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The Left is Not Obsolete by Norman Birnbaum

“Propaganda is always the other. We are the principled,” said Norman Birnbaum. The left is rooted philosophically in the Enlightenment with its rejection of throne and altar. The left sought material redistribution for moral reasons-for the sake of transforming human … Continue reading

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Totalitarianism of Self-Optimization

Totalitarianism of Self-Optimization by Max Tholl “Feel-don’t think” is the mantra of the illuminated who accept the social dislocations. This is a withdrawal to private solutions in view of the mounting collective problems. Mindfulness therapy fits perfects into the contemporary … Continue reading

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Impeachment is not a coup

Impeachment is not a coup by John Stoehr, October 2, 2019 Impeachment is a constitutional tool designed for times of extraordinary abnormality-say, for instance, when a president presides over an obscenely lawless administration. That’s what we are seeing Impeachment … Continue reading

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