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Trump and the Post-Factual by Sebastian Schindler

Trump’s politics is naive and skeptical, gullible and cynical. Trump’s relation with truth is like a generalization of conspiracy theory assumptions that see manipulative-conspiratorial activities at work behind ob servable reality. Beware pathological narcissists who are pathological paranoids!

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Bernie Sanders in Las Vegas: Being free, being high and eminent domain by Tomasz Konicz, Feb 18, 2020

The proclamation of a national climate emergency, the ban on oil and gas exports, the import of cheap medicines from Canada, the nationwide legalization of marijuana or the immediate halt to all construction work on Trump’s border wall are to … Continue reading

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The finance-dominated regime of accumulation and crisis by Alex Demirovic, published by the Rosa Luxemburg foundation in 2013

Bourgeois society is currently undergoing a multiple crisis. Profits and private indebtedness skyrocket while wages and investments stagnate. Why don’t governments loosen austerity measures and collectivize debt? Forms of solidarity economy and economic democracy are important building blocks for a … Continue reading

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Video: Offshore Profit Sharing and the US Tax Code (Apple Inc.), May 21, 2013, 5 hrs 44 min

Sen. Carl Levin (Dem, Michigan) was the chairperson of the subcommittee. States and communities, low and middle income taxpayers suffer when US multinationals practice tax avoidance by shifting profits to tax havens. Tax havens, mini-second or high-frequency trading, stock buybacks … Continue reading

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Trump and the “Dis-embedding”

Trump and the “dis-embedding” The Birth of the I [Die Geburt des Ich (Krisis 1/2019)] Aspects of Identity and Individuality von Julian Bierwirth Summary Hardly anything seems as self-evident to us today as our way of existence as isolated individuals, … Continue reading

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