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Economics in the Times of the Coronavirus

by Rudolf Hickel, Ingar Solty and Daniel Stelter, March 30, 2020 Most people’s thinking is determined by the development of the Covid-19 crisis, the return of “the hour of executive power” (Gerhard A. Ritter), i.e. state of exception legislation, and … Continue reading

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Neoliberalism: Submission as Freedom

Six from Rainer Mausfeld, professor of psychology and author of Fear and Power Neoliberalism atomizes and commodifies. That is his conclusion, a painful insight leading us to immunize ourselves against manipulatively generated fears. Rainer Mausfeld, Angst und Macht. Rule Techniques … Continue reading

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Alternatives to Maximizing Profit and The Fragility of Power by Peter Ulrich and Julia Lis

We must look for the “signs of the times” pointing to the coming of the Kingdom of God or, as John Holloway puts it, the signs “of the presence of the material power of the cry.” The world of struggle … Continue reading

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For America’s Urgent Health and Safety, Trump Should Resign by Ralph Nader, 3/21/2020

by Ralph Nader 3/21/2020 Would a sane president be fanatically disabling disease and injury prevention programs at federal agencies and boast about such “deregulation”? Trump continues to favor crooked/for-profit universities that rip off students and leave them impoverished with debt. … Continue reading

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Is Capitalism Out Of Order? by Tomasz Konicz, March 17

Growing debt is actually not a big problem in a growing economy as long as it does not grow faster than the gross domestic product (GDP). But this has been the case since the 1980s of the 20th century. The … Continue reading

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Don’t Panic. Solidarity. Read by Timo Feldhaus and Stephan Kaufmann, March 2020

Some experts are sure that the only thing that will stop the virus permanently is for everyone to stay at home for a few weeks. Model China. The drastic quarantine has obviously worked, if you believe the Chinese government, the … Continue reading

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How Singapore has taken control of the virus and avoided panic by Manfred Rist, 3/9/2020

The city-state has learned a lot from the sars crisis and is not letting the coronavirus get it down. Not all recipes are transferable to other countries, but some are. And unusual measures are being taken to ensure the cohesion … Continue reading

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Super Tuesday and Standing up against Racism by Conrad Schuhler and Judith Duesberg, March 2020

Sanders said you can’t beat Trump with yesterday’s recipes and figures. That would be Biden’s strategy to evoke the nostalgia of the Obama years. It would work for a lot of black people and some of the “urban” upper class. … Continue reading

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Selling off. The Price of Privatization in France by Mathias Reymond, 2019

Liberalization and privatization have ultimately only confused consumers, but have whetted the appetite of the industry bosses and their puppets even more. The takeover of the state by the private sector is no longer about the realization of an ideological … Continue reading

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