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The chances of the Corona crisis by Ingar Solty, 4/2020

Public debt only became a problem after the bank bailouts…Crises cause fear and reinforce deep-seated anxieties.. The market under capitalism is not an efficient distribution mechanism, but a means to enrich private corporations at the expense of society and its … Continue reading

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End of a Career. Obituary The “Swabian housewife”

by Pepe Egger, June 2020 The “Swabian housewife” dominated politics. Now she was buried by her inventor, of all people. The state is not a business or a housewife but can borrow and become indebted to help present and future … Continue reading

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Escalation of State Power by Lukas Hermsmeier, 6/4

Uprising in America. The time has come to tear down the system and create a “different America.” The moderate white man for whom order is more important than justice is the greatest obstacle to freedom,” said Martin Luther King in … Continue reading

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Disease, Power and Capitalism by Stefan Bollinger, June 2020

We do not yet know how the current crisis can be mastered as a medical and social challenge, let alone how long it will last. What is certain, however, is that there is a deep economic crisis, also worldwide, with … Continue reading

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Things fall apart; the center cannot hold (W.B. Yeats)

If all you have is a hammer, everything can look like a nail. If, like Trump, you cut everything but the military, the land can become a boarded-up free-fall economy. If revolving doors replace checks and balances and the super-rich … Continue reading

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From the irrationalism of the market to the irrationalism of life in neoliberalism by Patrick Schreiner, 6/4/2020

Reason does not question the market and is not allowed to do so. It accepts it as a neutral and objective assessment authority. The market takes the place of reason on a collective, social level: it is not the human … Continue reading

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Social Security Works

Donald Trump put Social Security and Medicare cuts in every single one of his budget proposals. Now he’s holding giant rallies in the middle of a pandemic that’s killing tens of thousands of seniors. New polls show that he’s down … Continue reading

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Corona pandemic and Yemen by Christa Dettwiler, Urs Gasche & Niklaus Ramseyer June 2020

Authorities first wanted to calm and play down the pandemic. Afterward, they had to convince the population to keep unusual physical distance, to wash their hands well at all times, and to refrain from major events. Finally, they wanted the … Continue reading

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America Boils Over. A long hot summer for America by Ian Buruma, 6/4/2020

by Ian Buruma, 6/4/2020 Many Americans are obviously appalled by the crass and inflammatory words of their president. But will their disapproval outweigh their fear of violent social unrest? Will age-old racial prejudices, often unspoken or even openly admitted, lead … Continue reading

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The Virus Infects Politics Pt 1 by Michael Bray, 5/5/2020

1. The crisis is political in a novel way. All crises, especially economic crises, are political. But this is likely the first time that a crisis of economic production and circulation has been catalyzed by the intentional decisions of elected … Continue reading

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