Alternative Economics and Philosophical Reflections

I’m in a great euphoria with two books available from Amazon Kindle in 72 hours. You can order the two eBooks “Philosophical Reflections on the Economic Crisis” ($3.99) and “Alternative Economics: Reversing Stagnation” ($3.99) from You can download their free app for reading Kindle eBooks!

Then you can tell me if they are readable or just gibberish. People can meet great writers like Mohssen Massarrat, Sven Giegold, Michael Schwendinger, Ulrike Herrmann, Ernst Wolf, Tomasz Konicz and Karl Zinn.
Enjoy the feast!

There is an incredible appendix “Myths of the Economy” describing 29 state myths, labor myths, business myths and social myths. The state isn’t a German housewife and isn’t a business but can contract debts for future generations. What is rational from a micro-economic perspective (e.g. competition) can be irrational from a macro- perspective (since all countries fall to mass unemployment if they try to be super-competitive).

I am a freelance translator enamored of the digital hyper-link world. Translating is like living in two worlds, intent on doing justice to the writer and the reader. Translating is like exploring a foreign country uncovering what is hidden – without having to go through customs!

These two ebooks could reignite the spark and revive the wonder of learning in exploring realms of philosophy, political theory and economic myths that are closed doors for many. Our media made alternatives and system criticism taboo and often exclude context and history. To some, the social state may be as empty as a blackjack card. Enjoy the feast and celebrate your independence! Send me your comments so we all become more productive and enlightened! [email protected]

Marc Batko

Portland OR

Here is the link to “Alternative Economics: Reversing Stagnation,” a 140 page ebook anthology edited by Marc Batko ($3.99)

Here is the link to “Philosophical Reflections on the Economic Crisis,” a 38-page ebook byMarc Batko ($3.99)

Giveaway – Three copies of Alternative Economics – October 4, 2017
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