Catch the Bern – The Impossible becomes the Inevitable

Hope, one world where many worlds fit and where everyone has a place (Zapatistas), is the radical hope of system change and is not incremental or cosmetic change

Capitalism contains crisis as rain clouds contain rain (Jean Jaures in the 19th century). War and speculation are normalized in late stage financial capitalism. Contradictions like labor as only a cost and not also vital demand are faded away in a system where the richest 65 according to Oxfam have more wealth than 3 1/2 billion people.

Shareholder value capitalism worships profit and short-term constraints and makes long-term necessities and alternatives taboo. Labor becomes a cost factor, society moves into a modern feudal mode, communities are reduced to locations for capital, public education is seen as a prize of billions and respecting other civilizations is called pre-modern.

We squandered energy and assumed that nature was only a free good, external or sink instead of our partner and hope for future strength. Neoliberalism confused the goat with the gardener, ends and means, private and public, part and whole and real and imaginary. Those who make decisions and turn private risks into public risks must take responsibility and liability for their decisions.

Our thinking has to change and become more inclusive and post-material or we adopt the “Newspeak” of the ruling class.

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