Changing Consciousness: New Paradigms Needed!

Unlike a chair, an idea can be shared by a whole people!

How exciting to be living in a time crying for alternative economics, reduced working hours, shriveling the financial sector, expanding the public sector, becoming cloud- workers, translators, editors, and writers!

Free is a new business model that could make everyone an excited researcher and discoverer. is a translation service unlike any other. gives us 1150 free movies, 750 free eBooks and 450 free audio books. How can you be “hard-nosed” with 1150 free movies (including “Alice in Wonderland,” a nine-minute video with captions from 1913)? gives a reading sample for all its 190K eBooks and dissertations. A universe of knowledge and enlightenment opens up! Searching for “social state” brings 21K dissertations. My website offers 800 free translated articles. Enjoy the feast!
Marc from Portland OR

Welcome to the Orwellian land of revolving doors and reversible cups, where weaker countries are called “rogue states” and stronger countries are led by criminals, chronic liars, and casino “working class heros”! Democracy is only possible with a free and critical press, said Thomas Jefferson. After the media was complicit in allowing Trump to create his “Big Life,” can we return to shared values? Can we champion the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

“Philosophical Reflections on the Economic Crisis” ($3.99) is a 54-page eBook with nine essays and three poems. This eBook is sure to reawaken interest in philosophy and critical thinking.
Education is the “great transformer,” said economist John Kenneth Galbraith. Words can break the frozen soul, said Franz Kafka.

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