Consumption: Infinite Growth is Senseless

Consumption: Infinite Growth is Senseless.

Writing in 1930, the great British economist John Maynard Keynes envisioned a 15-hour work week. In the midst of the worst economic crisis, he foresaw a world where people had to work much less because their needs were satisfied and they had what they needed. Keynes suggested economists should see themselves as dentists not religious guardians

The financial crisis and the real economy meltdown lowered US oil consumption and nevertheless Canada is being turned into a tar sands right-wing industrial nightmare for short-term profits and Harper’s tunnel vision.

According to a German article “When Prevention Becomes Paranoia,” more Americans die every year from bee stings than from terrorism! Secret services develop their own dynamic and create or inflate threats to strengthen their career paths.

Here is a link to two interviews with Richard and Edward Skidelsky, an economic historian and a philosopher on leisure, reducing working hours, time prosperity and the good life. Enjoy the feast of ideas!

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