The future could be full of community centers, Gracias Vancouver!

The future could be full of community centers, free Internet books and soft power since our nature is full of play, exuberance and mystery!

Links to 12 free Internet books, 50 videos and 650 translated articles on the economic crisis await you at

Commons-based, post-growth, post-autistic and alternative economics could replace the capitalist market economy with its dominating financial markets and trickle-down and self-correcting market mythology. Unlike a chair, an idea can be shared by a whole people!

Access could replace excess, enough could replace more and respect for nature as our partner and future provider could replace trivializing nature as a free good, external or sink (cf.,,,,,,

German novelist Ingo Schulze’s 2012 “Our Beautiful New Clothes” explains how we have accepted the form and not the substance of democracy. People were convinced of the “emperor’s new clothes” until a child cried “but he has nothing on.” Maybe Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale can help us understand our predicament.

I hope you are strengthened by Ingo Schulze’s “10 Theses about the Crisis” and Peter Ulrich’s “Economic Ethics after the Crisis.”

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