Ways out of Capitalism by Tomasz Konicz

This introduction to Tomasz Konicz’ “On the Search for Alternatives to the Permanent Capitalism Crisis” (2014) is translated from the German. “The disintegration of the capitalist world system began long ago in its periphery… Capitalism perishes in its hyper-productivity and suffocates in the whole mountain of goods.”

Capitalist contradictions and dislocations are not the last word. That labor is the basis of wealth and yet is degraded as a cost-factor is one contradiction. Shareholder value, setting profit above labor, the environment and the future, is another contradiction. Economics is a plural enterprise; capitalism has many forms ranging from the flexible to the brutal. Counter-measures to exploding inequality and generalized insecurity are possible. The empire could be replaced by the republic as excess could be replaced by access and more by enough.

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