Who Cares? A Feminist Critique of the Care Economy

to read the 28-page study “Who Cares? A Feminist Critique of the Care Economy” published in August 2014 by the Rosa Luxemburg foundation, click on


We live in an increasingly uncaring world. Patriarchal capitalism offers rich financial rewards to those who pursue their individual self-interest and penalizes those committed to the care of others. Competition is more highly valued than cooperation, and individual rights trump social obligation. Family and community life are treated as leisure activities, largely reserved for official holidays. Yet the word “care” plays an increasingly important role in our cultural vocabulary, perhaps because promises to attend to the personal needs of others have become less plentiful and therefore more precious.

more at www.nextnewdeal.net, www.foreffectivegov.org, www.steadystate.org, www.worklessparty.org, www.therealnews.com and www.storyofstuff.com

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