imperialism & war | legacies VIDEO: “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know,” Noam Chomsky, June 2012, 2hr 33min author: Noam Chomsky e-mail:e-mail: [email protected]

Few people carry on the constant battle to get outside mainstream reporting. Hear Noam explain how expansion was justified as stability when Andrew Jackson seized Florida. Expansionism like exceptionalism has a long history reaching back to the founding of the country.

“The 60s was an anti-authoritarian protest though resistance to the Vietnam horror was muted from 1962 to 1968. The political elite and ordinary overstressed workers are the targets for propaganda and necessary illusions. The people are distracted so they can be controlled for their own good.”

to watch the video “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know,” June 2012, 2hr 33min from, click on

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