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On the prohibition of the war of aggression by Ruprecht Grossmann, Sept 1, 2020

Happy Anti-War Day Sept 1, 2020!Peace is not everything but without peace, everything is nothing (Willy Brandt)The German Basic Law mentioned in this article is equivalent to our constitution.

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Working hours: A four-day week by Heinz Bontrup, 8/17

Reducing working hours is a socio-economic investment that often brings better long-term health and more time sovereignty. A three-day or four-day workweek is the only way to ensure meaningful work to the rising generation. State or public employment is necessary … Continue reading

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Save the Multnomah Library Staff

The library should be hiring additional staff to redress the unemployment and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus! Here is a letter I sent to Public investment often seems to be the elephant in the room. The state should intervene … Continue reading

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Public housing was missed

You can waste 44 years in the Senate in public service and then cry the police are underfunded. That was Biden’s new theme yesterday to grab the police fanatic title from Trump. In truth, as Robert Reich reported, American taxpayers … Continue reading

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Kamala Harris seals Trump’s re-election by Jacob Reimann and Thorsten Denkler August 2020

The appointment of Kamala Harris as Biden’s vice candidate is now the result of the Democratic establishment’s pathological fear of anything that could even begin to smell left. The cause of this pathology lies in the historical shift to the … Continue reading

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Europe needs an effective guarantee of youth solidarity

by Johann Bacher, Dennis Tamesberger and the Austrian blog The Youth Guarantee could create an entry-level job market in the public or non-profit sector – in other words, jobs that serve the common good. It is the austerity policy … Continue reading

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Neoliberalism must be pronounced dead and buried. Where next? by Joseph Stiglitz, 5/30/2019

Neoliberalism must be pronounced dead and buried. Where next?by Joseph Stiglitz, 5/30/2019 ‚ÄúStandard economics is wrong. Inequality and unearned income kill the economy. It is time to rewrite the rules of capitalism. This is a flawed, unfair system that socializes … Continue reading

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A fair and solid crisis financing by Philipp Gerhartinger and Joseph Voss, May-June 2020

The contrast between the EU and the US in COVID financing could hardly be greater. McDonald’s operators, Marathon Oil (over $400 million), Exxon, Chevron and Sea World received relief and will reduce their future tax payments. Tax gifts characterize the … Continue reading

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How to generate unemployment and deflation by Heiner Flassbeck, Robert Reich and Alexander Neubacher. 7/31/2020

The theory put forward by fair-weather philosophers that the pandemic will be a salutary shock leading to a better, more sustainable world is wrong. Forced renunciation and economic decline do not make anything better. Less is not more, but less. … Continue reading

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The turn to less: Corona and the consumption dilemma by Albrecht von Lucke, 7/12

The Corona crisis could be the beginning of a better normality. Corona could make a turning point in history. The global North has benefited from unequal trade relations. Global employment has lost its role as the center of life. We … Continue reading

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