800 political cartoons from Andy Singer await you at www.politicalcartoons.com

Among the incredible cartoons are Fly Kafka Airlines, Bush Faces the Iraq Threat, Peace President Bush, Orwell Man Bush Explains the New Stalinism, Orwell Man Bush Teaches Doublespeak, Aphorisms by Orwell Man Bush, the Orwell Party Returns, Man Needs Less Government, Orwell Party Ministry of Information, The Shrinking Dollar, The System is not Working, Who’s to Blame for Iraq?, Free Trade Competition, The Automobile Myth and Reality, Successful Man and Unsuccessful Man and Bush Comments on Activist Judges.

In our world that is ambivalent and dialectical, yes and no at once, let us try to see the good and encourage, put courage in one another. Martin Luther King taught us nonviolence is stronger than violence and that there is good in every person. Steve Biko explained black is not a skin complexion but a new consciousness. We live from those who say No to hypocrisy and barbarism, empire and market fundamentalism. We live from resistance and solidarity inspired by the vision of a world where many worlds fit and everyone has a place (Zapatistas)

Changing our assumptions about strength and security, health and happiness will lead to a new world where war, torture and financial products are not normalized, where arsonists are not firefighters and those who profited from the crisis are called to account. Grover Norquist and his gang demonizing corporate taxation should be sent to the golf course, not respected as experts on The Washington Journal.






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