VIDEO: Jesus Rebranded by Mark Fiore…

Between the “War on Christmas” and the accusations that Pope Francis is a Marxist, some people can’t seem to make up their mind. Who better to wage a war on Christmas than the people who want the Pope to be more of a capitalist! Seems like the most holy Christmas ever was one without rampant consumerism. (Remember, Joseph and Mary had the nerve to stay in a place for free on Christmas Eve– sounds like a couple of moochers to me!)

Amidst the imagined attacks on Christmas, Rush Limbaugh and some Fox News characters accused Pope Francis of being Marxist after he said some critical words about our economic system. Never mind that Pope Benedict had similar complaints. Everything has been coming up Pope Francis lately, who was picked as Time’s “Person of the Year” and was featured on the cover of the New Yorker. Having been raised Catholic and having done plenty of cartoons about the scandals in the Catholic Church, I’m happy that we’re talking again about things like helping the poor, imagine that.

Enjoy the cartoon, and be sure to comment, share and pray I don’t get struck by lightning for blasphemy. As usual, you can also find more links to news stories behind this cartoon on my website.

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