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How Misguided Financial Policy Strengthens the Right-Wing by Jule Gourin Capitalism has shown how democratic processes can be easily evaded. The Chicago boys carried out their radical reform program that was known as shock therapy. This included dismantling social state structures, opening the market to foreign investors and shattering unions. The Pinochet military regime kept the population in a constant state of shock with the terror of arrest waves so the population was too paralyzed to resist the selling off of the public infrastructure and the dismantling of their labor rights.

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The US Tramples on International Law

by Alfred de Zayas, Urs Fasche, Florian Zollmann, and Hans Blix The US surprise attack on Iraq in March 2003 was a primal catastrophe. International law was eliminated and replaced by the imperial dictatorship of the US. Millions took to … Continue reading

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The Social State in the Age of Global Capitalism by Michael Kratke and Elmar Altvater

Translator Marc on Oct 28 1.3 million in the Bay Area were in the dark for two days!  Time for nationalizing electricity, for a 3-day work week and time for “Be Kind to Californians Week” redefininig our priforities!   Back in … Continue reading

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Uncle Joe and the Violence of the Liberal Middle by Lukas Hermsmeier

To many, Joe Biden represents the feelings of normality and reconciliation. Many Americans seem to like this mix of nostalgia and reconciliation, a kind of tranquilizer-patriotism. Whoever listens to Biden will hear vague promises, conjurations and Obama anecdotes. But Biden … Continue reading

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The Left is Not Obsolete by Norman Birnbaum

“Propaganda is always the other. We are the principled,” said Norman Birnbaum. The left is rooted philosophically in the Enlightenment with its rejection of throne and altar. The left sought material redistribution for moral reasons-for the sake of transforming human … Continue reading

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Totalitarianism of Self-Optimization

Totalitarianism of Self-Optimization by Max Tholl “Feel-don’t think” is the mantra of the illuminated who accept the social dislocations. This is a withdrawal to private solutions in view of the mounting collective problems. Mindfulness therapy fits perfects into the contemporary … Continue reading

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Impeachment is not a coup

Impeachment is not a coup by John Stoehr, October 2, 2019 Impeachment is a constitutional tool designed for times of extraordinary abnormality-say, for instance, when a president presides over an obscenely lawless administration. That’s what we are seeing Impeachment … Continue reading

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The Political Theology of the New Right

The Political Theology of the New Right by Rolf Schieder new right-wing movements try to create a state of emergency with the help of apocalyptic rhetoric enabling them to suspend rules and procedures. Apocalypticists long for the final struggle between … Continue reading

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The Way to Authoritarianism is Paved with Lies by Jurg Muller-Muralt Lying is part of the human condition. But democracy is in peril when politicians make lying into a “business principle.” Lying is a second nature for Trump. Trump lies strategically and doesn’t have a bad conscience. … Continue reading

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The C.E.O. – A Fun Poem

The C.E.O. – A Fun Poem Fun poem by Rene Sonsmann from the Smirking Chimp. I love poetry. Always have. So here goes. THE C.E.O. The company’s share price had failed to perform And anxious fund managers demanded reform. The … Continue reading

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