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Video: A basic income for everybody!, 48 min

Belgian video with English subtitles 26/2/15 – It’s an old idea and one that has Belgian origins. In today’s economic situation it has won a growing number of supporters. VRT News wanted to find out whether or not it was … Continue reading

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The unconditional basic income – a social concept for Europe, 38pp

The time is right for alternative economics after the “money-out-of-nothing” phase. The financial markets must be shrivelled and the public sectors expanded. Profit-making is different than profit-maximizing. Economics as now taught is like brainwashing (cf. Christoph Thielemann). The neoliberal model … Continue reading

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Free Internet Book on Basic Income

Here’s a link to Ronald Blaschke’s “From the Basic Income to the Political Movement in Europe: Development and Questions,” August 2012, 52 pp from the Rosa Luxemburg foundation! From the Idea of a basic income to the political movement … Continue reading

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