“Limits to Growth” Published Forty Years Ago

“Limits to Growth” Published Forty Years Ago
by Larry Rasmussen and eco-socialist pamphlets


The MIT scholars under Dennis Meadows came to four core conclusions: 1) there are limits to economic growth on a finite planet, 2) the economy and population are now growing exponentially, 3) exceeding the limits will lead to a collapse of industry, agriculture, and the population, and 4) an orderly withdrawal is possible and a collapse could be avoided through a radical turning away from the growth course.

More raw materials were used up in the first 20 years of the new century than during the entire 20th century. According to Meadows, global food production will peak in 2020. The production of one food calorie in this system requires an average 10 calories in fossil energy. The talk of energy- and resource efficiency is a pure ideology. The way can only be taken against capitalism, not with capitalism.

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