Affordable Rents? A State of Emergency Intensifies

Affordable Rents? A State of Emergency Intensifies
by Werner Rugemer and others, 2018

Rents explode in cities after massive sales of public housing to brutal investors. Affordable housing is in short supply. Something must change fast. In 1987, there were 5.5 million social apartments in Germany. Today, there are only 1.5 million in all Germany. Since 2014, the number of homeless in Germany has doubled to 800,000. Investors go unpunished. The Great Coalition government under Helmut Kohl abolished nonprofit housing cooperatives in 1988.

Land speculation is prevented in Vienna. The Vienna Housing Fund buys up possible development land. The constitutional state must be helped to its feet. In impoverished Germany after WW1, local communities built hundreds of thousands of nonprofit apartments. The pressure from below made all the difference.

From Craigslist Eugene – Rants and Raves – Oct 1

RE: Trump is here to stay

No he’s not.

Lots of “Trump is here to stay” nonsense flying around and lots of red-baiting, throwing the Socialist and Communist words around while you fail to mention how Trump is sucking up to the former head of the KGB. What up with that? I guess Putin’s a good Communist but Bernie’s a bad Socialist ?(he’s actually a Democratic Socialist, big difference.) You can’t answer that can you?

Dems will take the House in 2 months. Then it’s over for Trump. He won’t be impeached or removed with the TFA (both would take 3/4ths of the Congress to do) but at that point he’s essentially a lame duck. With Dems controlling the House, (hopefully without Pelosi) Trump will not have the rubber stamp he has enjoyed for the past two years. Then we ride out the next two years. The last thing we want is that bible thumper Pense as President.

When it’s over, here’s how I think the TRUMP RIECH will have scored. No wall. No nuke treaty with NK. Totally destroyed any respect we had in the World, just like Bush. Failure to end the ACA. Tax breaks rolled back. Regulations reinstated. All the damage he has wreaked will be reversed and we will finally get Medicare for all. Trump will go down in history as the most hated and worst one term President ever. Then he will be indicted and convicted.

If Kavanaugh can be stopped from being confirmed, Trump will have failed to pack the Supreme Court. Even if it can’t be stopped, there are other ways to deal with it. Since his hearing last week, Kavanaugh is a flawed nomination because he lied under oath. He can be impeached. If The Republicans don’t have the Congress and the Supreme Court, they won’t be able to protect Kavanaugh or Trump.

This is why this election is so important. Look for it to go the same as when Obama was elected. Blue Wave. It’s Hillary’s fault that Trump got elected. If ANYONE else had the been nominated, Trump would not have won. I blame the DNC for TRUMP. Them and their superdelegates!

From Marc on October 2

Be nonconformists, October is not only “stamp collecting month”!

In late-stage capitalism, we fight against a bullying culture and an insult society. The Repugnacrats have done nothing against education loans, the affordable housing crisis, the health care crisis. the job creation crisis and the global warming crisis. Their strategy is to scapegoat the weakest, minorities, migrants, women, students, children, seniors and the poor, to fear monger and create threats out of thin air.

Trump has terrible things to say about all countries particularly Canada, Germany and China and always calls himself the victim of the media and culture wars. Hitler and Goebbels mesmerized the German people by saying “International Jewry was exterminating Germany” and Germany was forced to “total war.”

Resist the beginnings of fascism! Reclaim democracy and the social contract! Truth must well up within people and cannot be forced or commanded. Indirect criticism, thoughts that wound from behind, can bring enlightenment, Soren Kierkegaard said. We are born in an egg and our life-project is to break the shell, said Gunter Grass. The bull-headed can be quarantined and defanged by social movements of the uncoupled and outraged. Resignados become indignados! They have the money but we have the numbers.

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