Against the Rent Madness and For a Nonprofit Orientation!

Against the Rent Madness and For a Nonprofit Orientation!

by Andre Holm, Tony Krebs, and Leo Mayer, September 21, 2018

The Alternative Housing Summit on Sept 21 inBerlin discussed alternatives to the market-based housing policy. Exploding rents and lack of affordable housing are the most burning social questions and drive people to the streets.

Most private market actors stay away from affordable housing because of the growing profit expectations of investors rather than the high construction costs. The extensive privatizations of the last 15 years contributed to a market radicalization. Privatization was the door-opener for the growing financial market logics in the housing supply.

The development of a nonprofit sector offers a necessary and possible alternative since the market fails and the state cannot extensively socialize the housing supply. This requires nothing less than the breach with the profit logic in the area of housing supply!

More market is not the solution! Housing for People, not for Profits!

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