Liberation Theology

EJuengel: New Heart, New Spirit and New Person
Only the Suffering God Can Help
Pedro Casaldaliga on Consumerism
Greed, Corrupt System and Shadow Banking
MLK Economics

Word Falls on Good Ground
MBatko: Journalism, Redistribution and Social Generosity
D’Escoto on the Age of Obama
D’Escoto’s Last Address as President of UN General Assembly
Time to Stop and Stare
D’Escoto on the Global Financial Economic Crisis
Capitalism as Religion
Jurgen Moltmann: Christian Universalism
God’s Power and Powerlessness
MBatko: From Obscuristan to Absurdistan
UDuchrow: Ecological Justice Instead of Growth Economy for the Rich
The Mendacity of Hope
Fallen Stars: Greed of Bankers
The Banking Crisis is Scandalous
Chuck Collins: Common Security in Crisis

Reinhard Marx: Wild Speculation is Sin/a>
Holy Scripture is the Standard, not Capitalism
Ulrich Duchrow: The Financial Crisis and Theology
D’Escoto: Logic of Solidarity
Rich of the World, Enrich Yourselves!
Leonardo Boff: Working for Community of Life
Neediest Need Help Like the Banks
UBeck: God is Dangerous
Biblical Sabbath Economy
Distribution Justice is Command of Hour
The Subject and the Law
The State Religion of Competition
JMoltmann: Creative Hope and Political Theology
Without Ethics the Economy Runs into the Wall
Ruin Your Neighbor
Frei Betto: Spiritual Counsels
Nature of Christian Faith and New Atheism
MBatko: Life as Gift, not Possession
EJungel: Against Despair
Work and Work Moralists
JMoltmann: Sighs, Signs and Significance
EJuengel: Mission and Evangelization
WHuber: Reality of God and Worldliness of World
MBatko: Shouting from the Caboose
The Cowboy and the Shepherd
Bishop Huber on Increasing Crisis of Trust
Giving, Forgiving and Sharing
Security is not War, Terror and Torture
Inequality and Equal Opportunity
The Antithesis of Ethics: Castro
Only Tigers Survive: Scientology
MLK: I Still Believe
MBatko:Electing Canada as President
US’ Selfish Solicitude
EJungel: Egoism versus Pluralism: Crucifix Decision
MBatko: The Cart in the Speculative Mud

FHinkelhammert: Humanism and Violence
Decrying the Commercialization of Christmas
True and False Christians: Orthoprazy
EJuengel: How God Comes to the World
MBatko: Community Centers in O Canada!
Thinking Outside the Christmas Box
FSegbers: Another Economy is Possible
Signs of Cultural Decline and Glimmers of Hope
DTodd: Seeking Solid Ground in a Pluralist World
Saving us from the Poor People
Song of Laughter
Hopi elders: We are the ones we’ve been waiting for
FHinkelhammert: Cry of the Subject
Midas Excess and Pleonexia
The Price of Greed
For a Future of Solidarity and Justice
Laborers in the Vineyard and Reversal of All Order
Prayer Surge for Peace
JZink: Faith is More Than Morality
JZink: Jeremiah: True Prophets and False Prophets
UDuchrow: Alternatives to Neoliberal Globalization
On Fundamentalism
WSpieler: Idol Market or 10 Dogmas
MWolflingseder: From the Market of Religions to the Religion of the Market)
MKassmann: Materialism as Temptation
The Economy of Bread Alone and Economy of Enough
The Power of Dignity: Rethinking Globalization
HWeder: Consequences of Electrical Light: Intelligent Design
Who Frees Us from Capital?
God is Infinitely Greater Than Any Church
Things Own You
Christianity Without Christ
LBoff: A Missionary of Ignorance
MKassmann: Normalized Violence
EDrewermann: Lying into Humanitarian Wars
DSoelle: A Theological Balance
Even the Mormons
MKassmann: Globalization & Christian Life
Work as Fetish
MWolflingseder: Market as Religion
Sermon on Matthew 10
So Creation Has a Future
JMoltmann: The New Life Before Death
War and the Misuse of God
Justice versus Neoliberalism & Globalization
How to Revive a Spiritually Dead America
FHengsbach: Governing Against the People
How the Rich Become Richer and the Poor Poorer
MBatko: Cinderella’s Jealous Sisters and King Midas
An Option for the Poor
KMarti: Theology of Tenderness
WHuber: Christmas Sermon – Understanding Faith

Deadly Progress and the Shadows
A Good Story
Christmas Sermon
Freedom: A Christological Contribution
WHuber: Christian Morality & Economic Reason
MBatko: Lessons from History
MKassmann: Christmas Sermon
Exporting Values: Religion and the US War
Spirituality and Liberation
Theologians of the Market Economy
JMoltmann: Against Despisers of the Body
The Enlightenment of Resistance
GSteingart: America & Dollar Illusion
Hans Kung: US on Wrong Path
Self-Redemption Through Work
Work Above Everything
DSoelle: Justice and Peace-Globalization from Below
Pathological Fixation on Work
Israel: Beyond Good and Evil
DSoelle: We are United with the Other America
Armageddon and Apocalyptic Holocaust
KBerger: Battle of the Elect
ECardenal: New Hitler is Bush
Secularism and Perversity
Missiles and Bombs Threaten the Future
DSoelle: Another World is Possible!
DSoelle: Theo-Poetry against Religious Illiteracy
Bishop Gumbleton on Iraq Crisis
Path of Hope for the Future
Religious Zealots and Coarse Discourse
The Utopias of Capitalism
LBoff: Rebellion of Spirit Against Disorder
LBoff: US is a Terrorist State
JSobrino” On Death of Archbishop Romero
JSobrino: Anti-imperial Spirituality
The Contradictions are Our Hope
JMoltmann: New Creation of all Things
JMoltmann: Sun Rises Behind the Cross
LBoff: Liberation Theology and Globalization
Whateverr Happened to Empathy?
Nelson Mandala and the Resurrection
Life is More Than Capital
The Land Needs a Vision
Thou Shalt Not Criticize the Zionists!
Defending Human Dignity
Work Society & the Work Religion
Matthew Fox and Justice Spirituality
DSoelle: Resistant Christianity
Desmond Tutu: Dream to Save the World
The Social Contract and God’s Reign
The Separation of Church & Morality
On Theological Foundations of Religious Socialism

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  1. Romeo says:

    From the time we were small children, we were told that pepole who loved God went to church. And in a way,the pepole who told us that were right. If you loved the God they were talking about, you went to church. Deep in the inner reaches of our subconscious minds it is written that to not go to church is BAAAAAD! It’s a very difficult one to overcome. No, you are no longer connected to that corporate deity that inhabits church .but do you really want to be? Do you feel a connection to that which made you? Do you feel a connection to the wildlife that lives near your home? Do you wonder at the stars? Your writing tells me you are very much connected your artwork too. Getting used to The One without the trappings of church can be hard. When I first started to study the Goldsmith stuff and do the meditations, I remember saying oh, is that you? You’ve always been here , because as Pentacostals we were always looking for the fire rather than the still small voice. The feeling of disenfranchisement will go eventually. You’ve spent a lot of years in church. But once you start teaching and by the way, thank you for the sermon spiritual matter again, you’ll start to feel more comfortable with your churchless state. Actually, I think you’re doing really well with it and it does get better with time.

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