Are the 1930s Returning? and God is Different

Are the 1930s Returning? and God is Different
by Paul Mason and Norbert Giebel
Faith, Soren Kierkegaard said, is the death of the ego and the triumph of the reign of the infinite transcendent God. God is “total help in total need” said the theologian Karl Barth in 1933 when Hitler seized power.

Children can be astonished. The excavator or humming top is just as marvelous as the starry sky. Children see things differently – without boring routine. Being astonished is hard for us adults. We think we understand everything.

Faith is personal without being private. Faith is more interruption than custom. The world is full of play, exuberance, mystery, surprise, scandal, and paradox. Authenticity is rare in late stage capitalism where fear of the new, fear of the future, path-dependency, narcissism, nihilism, neoliberal profit-worship and economic reductionism are rampant and hardly criticized.

Neoliberalism or finance-capitalism and profit-maximization turn the world upside down. Egoism, avarice, and ruthlessness are stylized as virtues and sharing and the social state are derided as pre-modern or tribal and profit-endangering. The corporate mindset makes free, shared and Canada into taboo realities.

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