Neoliberalism. Submission as Freedom

Neoliberalism. Submission as Freedom
Interview with Patrick Schreiner, Nov 20, 2015

The society in which we live is increasingly unfree in all areas and yet successfully passes off this growing unfreedom as freedom… The neoliberal subject is responsible for everything. In the ideology of the justification of poverty and impoverishment, society and the social disappear from personal and political reflection…

The impulse for changing something presupposes a certain knowledge and on the other side a will to change arising out of negative experiences. Enlightenment is necessary for discovery. One’s own suffering or participation in the suffering of others is necessary for the will to change. Thirdly, the positive experience of solidarity will occur – hopefully.

and “The Rich are the True Social Parasites”
Interview with Kathrin Hartmann, 5/2/2012

In the past, social events and revolts shaped a generation. That changed in the 1990s. Identity is drawn from the consumption of brands. Therefore the public longing today is for better products and no longer for a better world. Kathrin Hartmann is convinced our growth economy cannot be cleansed with a few sustainabilty seals and emission trades. To stop climate change, we must change fundamental things – involving food, mobility and our general form of economics.

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