Self-Determination Means Market Determination

We face the continuing dissolution of traditional types, forms and rules, not a new type, a new form or a new rule… What was once called estrangement or objectification should appear as workers’ own interest. Corresponding to the market has to be our elementary need. We have to follow it like a train of capitalist lemmings. Flexibility has nothing to do with individual sovereignty. Rather it means being completely handed over to the outward demands. The flexibility of people is nothing but the dictation of the markets. The flexibilized are trained along economic needs and do not direct themselves. Submitting to the so-called practicall necessities is vital.

Karl Polanyi spoke of a dis-embedded economy… A tendency to barbarism and violence is inherent in a completely capitalized and economized world… We need an economy that orients its practice by natural realities and criteria of material needs and ecological compatibility and no longer acts according to money-categories… Imagining a world beyond commodities and money and doing our utmost practically for its realization become increasingly urgent. Intellectual courage is the prerequisite.

to read the articles by Franz Schadl and Gotz Eisenberg (“The Victory of the Economy over Life”) translated from the German, click on

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