The Generations Manifesto, June 2013

Corrections and comments are welcome. Translation is team-work though the team seems a little out of breath.

Neoliberalism turns the world upside down so egoism, avarice, enrichment and ruthlessness become virtues and solidarity, sharing and the social state become pre-modern threats to the right to absolute free property. Adjusting to the market is stylized as a survival necessity as the super-rich steal away from taxes and financing social necessities – as if all personal and corporate achievement did not depend on social spending. Without the social contract, we become wolves to each other. Education becomes a profit-center and the state becomes a bonus tool instead of serving the public interest. Marc Batko Email: [email protected]]

“Alternative Economics: Reversing Stagnation” by Marc Batko is a 159-page ebook anthology with Austrian, Swiss, Polish and German critical economists. Mainstream trickle-down economics has no answer to exploding inequality and destruction of the environment.

The appendix “Myths of the Economy” describes 29 state myths, labor myths, business myths and social myths. The state is not a business or a household but can make future investments so the future can be open and dynamic and not closed and static. What is rational from a micro-economic perspective (e.g. competition) can be disastrous from a macro-economic perspective. Wages are not only a “cost-factor” but bring essential demand so society does not devolve into a plutocracy benefiting only the super-rich.

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