“We Live in a Time of Radical Counter-Enlightenment” by Rainer Mausfeld

Rainer Mausfeld is a professor psychology at the University of Kiel.


In the past decades, democracy was undermined in an unparalleled way. Democracy was replaced by the illusion of democracy, free public debate by the management of opinion and indignation and the key ideal of come-of-age citizens by the ideal of politically apathetic consumers.

Indoctrination instead of Information

Elections do not play any role anymore for fundamental political questions. the important political decisions are made by political-economic groups that are neither democratically-legitimated nor democratically accountable. the destructive ecological, social and psychic consequences of this form of elite rule threaten our society and our life foundations more and more.

Rainer Mausfeld uncovers the systematic of this indoctrination, shows its historical constants and makes us sensitive for the many methods of psychological influencing.

“The educated sectors are particualrly susceptible for the illusion of being informed. These sectors are especially indoctrinated by the dominant ideology. This was the same in National Socialism as today. they become an important stabilizing element of the respec tive dominant ideologies through their silent tolerance.”

His new book “What about the silence of the lambs? How the most serious war crimes and violations of moral norms are made invisible for the population” was published on 10/2/2018 by Westend Verlag

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