“We live in a time of radical counter-enlightenment”

“We live in a time of radical counter-enlightenment”
Rainer Mausfeld, October 2018


Psychologist Rainer Mausfeld is interviewed about the illusion of being informed, “contempt for the people” and journalists and intellectuals.

Political struggle always means the struggler over the definitional power and appropriation of the world. For decades, neoliberalism has carried out a redistribution project against the majority of the population. This neoliberal project is only possible when the democratic substance is dismantled or neutralized. More and more people recognize the rupture between ideology and reality.

Neoliberal indoctrination declares itself the end of all ideology and as a pure effect of the natural laws of free markets. “The people are threatening for the rulers when they are without fear” (Tacitus).


DEVO (LIVE CONCERT), Feb 22, 2010, Vancouver B.C., 1 hr

Post-materialists rejoice without taking the future from the coming generation!


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