How to generate unemployment and deflation by Heiner Flassbeck, Robert Reich and Alexander Neubacher. 7/31/2020

The theory put forward by fair-weather philosophers that the pandemic will be a salutary shock leading to a better, more sustainable world is wrong. Forced renunciation and economic decline do not make anything better. Less is not more, but less. Corona is not an opportunity, it is an evil. We can only hope that one day it will pass.

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The turn to less: Corona and the consumption dilemma by Albrecht von Lucke, 7/12

The Corona crisis could be the beginning of a better normality. Corona could make a turning point in history. The global North has benefited from unequal trade relations. Global employment has lost its role as the center of life. We must get out of the old path dependencies. An enormous gain in quality of life for many has occurred.

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The state must cushion the economic impact by Heiner Flassbeck, 3/23/2020

Heiner Flassbeck expects a slump of the German GDP of 20-30%, Neither Trump nor Merkel said a word about stabilizing the economy. You can’t just shut down the economy and then hope nothing happens. Companies, banks, and people must be supported. Money must go to those now becoming unemployed.

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The 9 coffin nails of democracy by Roland Rottenfuss, 7/15/2020

Democracy is an achievement and must be won anew, expanded and defended against attacks in every era… The political conformity of the mainstream press is a sad chapter. “Representative democracy” is a fine word, but who do the representatives actually represent today? Citizens want “representatives of the people” who take their will into account.

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Economic impact of corona lockdowns by Christian Kreiss, 7/13/2020

Even before the current lockdown-induced economic depression, the assets of the lowest 20 percent of US households – between 2007 and 2019 – had fallen by about a third according to the Wall Street Journal, and their incomes had fallen by 2 percent in real terms in these 12 years. Then came the lockdown. It hit the bottom fifth of the US population correspondingly hard.

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Advice on Corona and Budget 2020 by Rudolf Hickel, Christine Resch and Georg Feigl

Emancipatory politics is characterized by the fact that interests are negotiated. The post-Corona phase will show what can be learned about the relation between politics and capital. Civil society should be engaged and resistant to ruling politics.

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The four walls are not what we think they are by Eva Illouz, June 2020

More than four billion people worldwide have voluntarily accepted enormous restrictions on their mobility… As Thomas Hobbes put it, we will always be prepared to sacrifice a large part of our freedom for our security.

For Arendt, modernity in general is characterized by the loss of the world. The private home cannot compensate for all that is lost. The private home must be a part of the “world.” By being imprisoned, we have lost our freedom and the world itself.

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The chances of the Corona crisis by Ingar Solty, 4/2020

Public debt only became a problem after the bank bailouts…
Crises cause fear and reinforce deep-seated anxieties.. The market under capitalism is not an efficient distribution mechanism, but a means to enrich private corporations at the expense of society and its environment.

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End of a Career. Obituary The “Swabian housewife”

by Pepe Egger, June 2020 The “Swabian housewife” dominated politics. Now she was buried by her inventor, of all people. The state is not a business or a housewife but can borrow and become indebted to help present and future generations.

System change, not climate change!

Fight ignorance, not immigrants!

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Escalation of State Power by Lukas Hermsmeier, 6/4

Uprising in America. The time has come to tear down the system and create a “different America.” The moderate white man for whom order is more important than justice is the greatest obstacle to freedom,” said Martin Luther King in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail.

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