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Neoliberal Austerity Doctrine Leads to Deeper Crisis by Atila Kilic

Neoliberal Austerity Doctrine Leads to Deeper Crisis
by Atila Kilic, 11/8/2013


A high state share in the economy, developed social states, and readiness to intervene actively and anti-cyclically prevent falling into a depression.

In neoclassicism, high public indebtedness was said to cause trifling economic growth. The causality actually runs in the other direction. Trifling economic growth triggers high public indebtedness. Reducing state spending was said to encourage private spending. Reality turns out very different.

Trump’s demonizing regulation Medicaid, public schools, Head Start, Meals on Wheels, WIC food assistance, taxation, and democracy must be resisted. Public policy is different than a wrecking ball or a sledgehammer as democracy is different than following autocratic orders.

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Become a Solidarity Person by Ulrich Duchrow

Become a Solidarity Person
by Ulrich Duchrow, April 2006

The majority of the world’s population doesn’t want to know anything about globalized neoliberal capitalism anymore. Many millions are dying in its consequences. Every five seconds a child dies of the avoidable consequences of poverty.

The political institutions are extorted or corrupted by the economic and financial elites and their media aids. The interests of the big owners of capital prevail, not the interests of the majority of the populations. Democracy decays to a farce.

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A Generation is Lost by Donna Hahn

A Generation is Lost
by Donna Hahn, 4/20/2017

Thousands upon thousands of researchers demonstrate for the freedom of science and research funding. Public policy isn’t a wrecking ball or a sledgehammer. Democracy is different than following autocratic orders without compromise, negotiations, and countermeasures. Revolving doors often seem to replace checks and balances, lobbyists replace democratic legislation and neoliberal oligarchy replaces democracy.

Selfishness and authoritarian capitalism mean burning down the National Institute for Health, WIC food assistance, PBS, after-school programs, and school lunches, not gambling houses. Narcissism is a danger to the public welfare and checks and balances and isn’t “the ladder to success.”

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This is a 159-page eBook with Austrian, Swiss, Polish and German critical economists. Mainstream trickle-down economics is helpless in reversing exploding inequality or precarious work.

Enjoy the feast! Celebrate your independence! A Future-Friendly Economics is Possible – Beyond Trumpian Incoherence and Demonization of Regulation

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Capitalism in the Faith Crisis

Capitalism in the Faith Crisis
by Franz Segbers, 2010

Trust in the “invisible hand” is a religious exercise ensuring a rule over people that is destructive and deadly. Capital and its multiplication claim an all-determining authority in the religion of capitalism…

Today’s world is ruled by an unenlightened belief in the free market economy… The close connection between capital accumulation and power accumulation constitutes a “new sovereign” beyond democratic legitimation…

Christians and Marxists wage a common struggle against the spirit, logic, and praxis of the false money-god and its servants of the plutocratic power machine so people will never be humiliated and sacrificed again.

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Trump’s “Greatest Tax Reform of History” – A Windfall for Millionaires and Corporations by Conrad Schuhler


Under the Trumpian tax reform, the corporate tax rate could fall from 35 to 15%. The drastic reduction of the corporate tax rate will lead to lower tax revenues of $2 trillion in 10 years.

The commentary of the “New York Times” hits the core: “This is not fiscal policy but a robbery led by Trump.”


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“The Laffer Swerve,” Paul Krugman, April 10, 2015

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Competition Ideology and Power Reality by Heinz-J. Bontrup

Competition Ideology and Power Reality
by Heinz-J. Bontrup


Competition cannot be an end-in-itself. Uncontrolled private power leads to misuse.Uncontrolled competition increasingly destroys itself through concentration and centralization processes and does not guarantee any optimal economic and social development.

People are diverted from the real cause of crises-the neoliberal redistribution class project. Bastard Keynesianism helps private parties with state indebtedness. Heinz-J. Bontrup, an author and economist with the Bremen Alternative Economic Policy study group, pleads for economic democracy.

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The Missile Attack Ordered by Trump is a Serious Crime

The Missile Attack Ordered by Trump is a Serious Crime
by Dieter Deiseroth, Michael Lueders, Albrecht Mueller and Ralph Hartmann

Assad’s regime defends itself against an international alliance that seeks his overthrow in violation of international law. Whoever wants to see Assad’s overthrow should answer the question whether we would rather see the Nusra Front in power.

Moral indignation is not enough to bring about democratic conditions. Overcoming thinking in tribal structures needs much time. Such a mental awakening cannot be forced by a third party (Michael Lueders).

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Trumponomics: Failure is Pre-Programmed by Rudolf Hickel


Macro-economic and ecological connections are simply ignored with the concentration on short-term profit. The planned reduction of corporate taxes from the current 35% to 15 or 20% recalls the Laffer-curve as the basis of Reagan’s fiscal policy error. Additional investments of businesses should not be expected. Pressure on the state budget will increase through tax shortfalls. The division between rich and poor will intensify.

The government ideology of the US follows the shady business model of the former real-estate tycoon Trump. The daily stock prices of US corporations is the focus. The necessary social and ecologicaL sustainability doesn’t have a chance.

Here is a link to the 38-page Oxfam “Rigged Reform” on the top 50 US corporations and their tax avoidance lobbying. Between 2009 and 2015, they stashed $1.6 trillion in tax havens and received $460 billion in tax cuts.


Tax dodging by multinational corporations costs the US approximately
$135 billion each year. But these schemes do not just harm the US. The same tactics corporations use to dodge US taxes sap an estimated $100 billion every year from poor countries, preventing crucial investments in schools, hospitals, roads, and other tools to reduce poverty. The harm done to Americans and people living in poor countries by corporate tax dodging are two sides of the same coin…

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Poverty Returns with Misguided Policy by Franz Segbers

Poverty Returns with Misguided Policy by Franz Segbers


The state should represent the public interest and yet private or special interests are in the driver’s seat with privatization, deregulation and liberalized markets.

Trump’s proposed 2018 budget is a sledgehammer with cuts to EPA, Meals-on-Wheels, school lunches, WIC food assistance, PBS, Legal Services Corp and more. The state should not be the “errand boy” for the banks (Bill Moyers). Majority rule must be balanced by minority protection for the state to be legitimate (Lani Guinier). Indifference is love’s enemy. The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.

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