System change

According to Robert Reich, US taxpayers paid $107 billion more on the police than on public housing. The upside down world happens through misguided priorities, neoliberal myths about the self-regulating market, and making the poor invisible.

If every billionaire paid every citizen $3K, they’d still have more than they had in mid-March!

Sergio Nick Merlo

Bennett Robyn
I’m sick of Neo-Liberalism from both sides of the aisle

The Pentagon is paid a million a minute, $760 billion a year while the country suffers in its worst economic- and health crisis! Projecting power in Vietnam, Iraq, Nicaragua, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan was creative destruction (Schumpeter) or collective megalomania.

Jeff Bezos gets this year’s Dead Planet award. What if Bezos returns the extra $70 billion since mid-March and gives it to states and hospitals! System change, not climate change.

A leap of faith across seventy-thousand fathoms of water is
necessary. “Without humility, there is no sense of wonder!”
(Soren Kierkegaard)

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The discussion about Corona

by Herbert Bottcher, May 2020

Corona can only become a kairos if we gain the theoretical capacity of recovery and create the conditions for a transformation. Taking the healthcare system away from the markets and obliging large companies to be oriented in the common good would be steps to infrastructure socialism.

Corona shows us we need a paradigm shift and a system change to a nonprofit/cooperative housing system and a health system based on the common good and not profit. Capitalism is immoral and cannot satisfy the needs of the people under the drive of profit maximization and the self-healing market.

As Congress acted unanimously in May, Congress should give stimulus checks to the millions upended by the economic free fall and the COVID-19 crisis. Rents and mortgage-payments should be suspended until the pandemic curve is flattened.

Reduced working hours, a three-day work week, should be a “no-brainer” if the rising generation is to have meaningful work. Better long-term health and more time sovereignty will be the fruits! With encouragement and humility, and could make everyone into formidable translators and researchers!

Faith is a “leap across seventy-thousand fathoms of water.” “Without humility, there is no sense of wonder.” (Soren Kierkegaaard)

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Journalism reeks of betrayal of democracy

Journalism reeks of betrayal of democracy
by Marcus Klockner, Bernd Druecke and Joseph Steinbeiss, 2020

A “new normality” has taken root in our society. A climate of fear and severe, permanent encroachments on fundamental rights are shaping politics & social life.

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US billionaires got $1 trillion richer during Corona

by Jakob Reimann and Bernd Hontschik, Nov 2020

A recent study by the Institute for Policy Studies determined that the 647 billionaires in the USA have been able to increase their assets by $960 billion since the beginning of the corona crisis in mid-March by the cut-off date of November 17.

Eight million US-Americans* have fallen into poverty, 30 to 40 million are threatened with being thrown out of their apartments and houses due to corona disease. Suicide rates are rising. Out of this swamp of epidemic, death, poverty and misery, an island of resistance rises up that defies all this.

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Bolivia: the left returns to power

Bolivia – the left returns to power
“The people have won”

by Otto Köenig and Richard Detje

The Bolivian people have proven that reason, dignity and fighting spirit cannot be suppressed either by a military coup or by government repression. The election result has implications not only for Bolivia, where it is an important step towards the restoration of democracy, but for the entire Latin American region in terms of democracy, national independence and economic and social progress.

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Trump is defeated

Trump is defeated
by Joachim Bischoff and Bernhard Mueller

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the new presidential team of the United States. Still the incumbent tries to overturn the result in several states. Joe Biden has won the presidential election.

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Trump’s United States is looking more and more like a banana republic

Trump’s United States looks more and more like a banana republic
by M Kilian, H Wetzer and C Zaschke

“The country that was once an exemplary democracy is becoming a Third World banana republic.” For a week now, Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the election and future president. But the loser and previous incumbent Donald Trump refuses to acknowledge this. Trump claims he won the election and Biden wants to take the victory away from him. Trump calls the votes that cast for him “legal.”

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Democracy beyond Corona

Democracy beyond Corona
by Roland Roth, 9/28/2020

Diverse democracy immunizes against authoritarian impositions.
Whether the experiences of the lockdown will result in lasting damage in the sense of a democratically consumptive “new normality” depends not least on whether it is possible to take up and strengthen the very existing democracy-building impulses and initiatives – from “Black Lives Matter” to “Fridays for Future”.

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Democracy and COVID19

Democracy and COVID-19
by Nikolaus Dimmel, Christina Berndt, Wolfgang Kubicki and Ulrike Bauereithel, October 2020
Lockdown and curfews, state of emergency and tracing apps, compulsory testing and quarantines, serial stops, compulsory masks, short-time work and mass unemployment, waves of bankruptcies and extended poverty traps: the COVID-19 disaster has escalated the chronic crisis of capital utilization with falling profit and mediocre growth rates. The public space was emptied.

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Biden’s victory shifts the balance of power in Washington

Biden’s victory shifts the balance of power in Washington
An analysis by Daniel Haufler
Oh, it’s going to be so nice when you hardly hear from Trump any more.

Daniel Haufler is the responsible editor for the online debate magazine Gegenblende and its podcasts.

The future US President Joe Biden is the exact opposite of Donald Trump. He stands for decency and credibility. That is why he was elected. But the Republicans still use their opportunities to dismantle democracy. Even without Trump. Biden is facing a difficult term in office – but he is the right man for the job and he has the right vice-president.

[This article published on Nov 9, 2020 is translated from the German on the Internet, ]

People are celebrating on the streets, champagne is splashing up, US flags are waving, bright sunshine.

This is how people in Washington celebrated when the election victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was certain. The mood was as exuberant as if a dictator had been overthrown.

The nightmare is – almost – over. US President Donald Trump does not want to admit it yet, but he has clearly lost the presidential elections to his challenger Joe Biden. But what does that mean? This question can only be answered in part so far.

Democracy works in the USA – to some extent

First and foremost: The world’s longest existing democracy functions in spite of Trump – and largely without problems. More people than ever before have cast their votes in the US elections. All the measures to irritate minorities with fake news, to make postal voting more difficult, to intimidate them with militias and to prevent them from voting have ultimately failed. In what is probably the most important election in the country for decades, a majority of over five million citizens voted against Donald Trump – although he too succeeded in mobilizing his base to an undreamt-of extent.

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