5 Questions on Tax Justice by Elisabeth Massute, Oxfam

https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2018/03/21/18807581.phpto read Elisabeth Massute’s 2017 article, click on


Tax justice must be created and tax avoidance stopped to fight inequality and poverty. Apple paid 0.0005% tax on its profits in Ireland – merely 50 euros on a million euros.

Corporations dodge their just contributions as part of society through tax avoidance. Like all of us, corporations profit from public goods financed from tax funds. Corporations use the public infrastructure like streets and telecommunication networks and profit from the knowledge and training of their co-workers.

Corporations profit right down the line and give nothing back. Developing countries lose $100 billion every year through tax avoidance of multinational companies. A worldwide minimum tax rate for companies must be introduced.

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