A 99-page report “Election Fraud” from Election Justice USA, July 31, 2016

99-page report “Election Fraud” from Election Justice USA
author: Election Justice USA

Thanks to neoliberalism and the expansion of the financial sector, checks and balances have been eclipsed by revolving doors. Wall Street banks, hedge funds, and buyout artists recovered, not the poor or middle class. Wars become business opportunities with dubious justifications of protecting Israel, freedom, and human rights. As the psychologist Rainer Mausfeld explains, propaganda can make facts and alternatives disappear.

A 99-page report “Election Fraud” from Election Justice USA was released on July 31, 2016. This report includes information on lawsuits in five states: Arizona, Ohio, Illinois, New York and California.


“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,”
By Mother Goose
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

The Clintons have a long history of deceit and cover-ups, pretending to be public servants while enriching themselves through corruption, racketeering, and insider trading, promoting war as a profitable business, and becoming wealthy through human misery and corporate deals. Hillary glories and boasts of Libya’s ruin and openly threatens Syria’s destruction. Dubious justifications include protecting Israel, freedom, and human rights. Libya is now run by militias. Honduras was the target of a coup and regime change. Syria is devastated with millions of refugees and dead children. Hillary repeated the George W. Bush lies about Saddam having weapons of mass destruction and even nuclear weapons. The candidate of the 1% no more deserves to be president than an arsonist deserves to be called a firefighter.

Orwell said war would become a domestic necessity to divert the people of Oceania from lies and economic contradiction. The former Nixon girl and Goldwater girl acts as a Republican enriching herself and confusing private and special interests with the public interest and corporate profit with the common good.

Besides voting for the Iraq invasion that cost $3 trillion and a million Iraqi lives, Hillary watched while Wal-Mart hid $76 billion of profits in the Cayman Islands tax haven. Are we living under Humpty Dumpty, “words mean what I say they mean”? In the Stockholm syndrome, victims come to love their abductors. Is this happening to the people of the US? Trump and Hillary are incompetent and corrupt and should be imprisoned for tax evasion and international crimes of war and imperialism. The media should have upended both of them with questions and probing investigations so that the American people would not be choosing between scurrilous and untrustworthy narcissists.

Choosing between Trump and Hillary is like choosing to share your bed with a cobra or a rattlesnake. Either way, you won’t get much sleep.

Hillary could add a few years to her life by giving all her support to Bernie or to Western Canada. Canadians are very generous and could help us solve campaign financing and the melting of the dollar if we gave them authority and become their protectorate. She would spare herself and the country myriad conflict of interest trials and suspicions. Did money from foreign countries fiancé her 2016 election campaign? Is the Clinton Foundation a money-laundering racketeering operation that profited from arms sales (over $310 billion) to 36 countries during her term in office as Secretary of State?

The week after the Democratic Convention is the right time for truth-telling and procedural justice. Fundraisers are not selfless public servants, lies are not truths and government is more than a slot machine for the super-rich in the United States of Amnesia!

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