America Reacts to a Low-Point by Daniel Haufler

America Reacts to a Low-Point
by Daniel Haufler, 12/13/2017

With Doug Jones’ victory in the Alabama senate race, the end of the Trump era moved a little closer. Alabama’s citizens set a sign of resistance. The left and moderates can only win together.

In the GOP tax heist (NY Times), the rich and the richest will be given permanent Christmas presents while the middle class is punished with higher taxes int he long-term. 13 million Americans will lose their health care since the law restricts Obama-care.

The social contract means compromises, concessions, negotiations, and counter-measures. When the $6 billion is returned to HUD and the savage cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, Pell grants, SNAP food assistance, the Legal Corporation, CHIP, EPA, PBS and WIC food assistance are rescinded, we can be happy campers.


Acceptance – a theological term – of ourselves and our planetary challenges seems so far away. Born free, we are everywhere in chains. Possessions possess us more than we possess them. Trump is possessed by his narcissism and thinks the 4th of July was about himself!

40 years ago there was DEVO
warning us of the descent society
here’s an hour from 1977! Enjoy!

and The Moody Blues” Long Distance Voyager

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