Democracies Dissolve by Wolfgang J. Koschnick

Democracies Dissolve by Wolfgang J. Koschnick, 6/5/2016

Worldview parties mutated to popular or catchall parties and gradually lost their clear profile and their voters. The party competition depoliticized them. In the catchall parties, social life worlds no longer wrestle with different designs for a good politics and society. Now the long march into political nothingness follows.

Citizens have long known something is rotten in the state and in every state whether the US, Germany, France, Austria or Japan. Party members lack ideal motivation and abandon the unwieldy machines. Party leaders lack the standards and guiding stars for their political action. They grope disoriented and visionless through the universe of politics… The political parties are state-subsidized parasites…

Politics despised the trust of the population and then lost that trust. Weariness is not a moody aberration of people but the reaction to a contempt of their general well-being by the elected representatives and their politics.

Established political parties have failed in the US. According to the Wall Street Journal, 18 million new voters were registered in California and yet only 6 million votes were counted. The Sanders landslide was flipped into a Clinton primary victory. Provisional ballots (of NPP, Non-Party Preference voters) were not counted. Sanders votes were often counted as Clinton votes. Courage and truth is how we move forward, said Debbie of Sane Progressives

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