Facing a Possible State of Emergency by Peter Schaar

Facing a Possible State of Emergency
by Peter Schaar, 9/27/2017


The danger of authoritarian “solutions” grows when the constitutional state is dismantled, undermined or suspended.” This warning was made by the former data protectionist Peter Schaar who published the book “Deceptive Security: How the Fear of Terror Drives Us to a State of Emergency.” Schaar emphasizes the importance of protecting democratic controls of the state monopoly of force in times of terror. In the interview with NachDenkSeiten, the former top data protectionist speaks about the betrayal of basic western values in the so-called “war on terror” and the situation in France where the state of emergency has prevailed since November 2015. Schaar expresses the fear that the state of emergency could be applied in Germany with a serious terrorist attack.

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