Happy Canada Day! the 151st

Happy Canada Day! The US could learn so much from O Canada – a country without Wall Street and the Pentagon!

US imports have exceeded exports 2 to 1 since 2000. Every year the US has imported $500-$600 billion more than it exported. If the US never has a positive cooperative word and appreciation for the hard work of others, the US has become soulless and pathologically enslaved by the winner takes-all-mythology. Riches can make us warm-hearted or narrow-minded. Are we headed backward to the 11th century?

Due Process by Lewis Lapham in Lapham’s Quarterly “Rule of Law” 2018


The doctrine of enlightened selfishness rebranded as neoliberalism has remained in power in Washington for the past thirty years. The separation of values treasured by a capitalist economy from those cherished by a democratic society has resulted in the accumulation of more laws limiting the freedom of persons, fewer laws restraining the license of property, the letting fall into disrepair of nearly all the infrastructure (roads, schools, rivers) that provides the citizenry with the ways and means of its common enterprise…

Our elected representatives in Washington don’t know how to do or make law, can’t write it or read it, don’t know what it looks like until it shows up at a picnic wearing a hat or a dress paid for by JPMorgan Chase, Monsanto, Anheuser-Busch InBev, or Boeing. Few members of the House and the Senate read the paperwork they sign into law, much of it composed by lobbyists in whose interest the wording is procured. The honorable ladies and gentlemen on both sides of the aisle spend virtually no time in the building. They don’t debate; they deliver favors to patrons, clients, and friends, route insults to enemies real and imagined, attend photo opportunities to promote their money and vote-getting smiles.

It is better to live unknown to the law.
—Irish proverb,

The work of government meanwhile gets left to what the lawyer and legal thinker Philip K. Howard defines as the rule of nobody…
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