Interview with Social Philosopher Friedhelm Hengsbach

Interview with Social Philosopher Friedhelm Hengsbach, 2014

The financial markets have uncoupled from the real economy since the middle of the 1970s. Politicians listen and react to every sound from the financial sector. The state allows itself to be extorted by the different lobby groups. Who paid for the bank bailout? The general public or the state made itself poor, guaranteed capital and took over part of the toxic assets.

Liberation theology taught us the cry of the poor who are oppressed, exploited and marginalized should be our perspective and standpoint. Not judging oneself is Pharisaic hypocrisy. They speak about things without doing them. See, judge and act is another method than what is customary in the church.

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  1. Marc says:

    Here’s a link to Harvey Wasserman”s “57 Unpatriotic Ways the Corporate Dems Have Enthroned Trumputin,” July 4, 2018

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