Jon Stewart Resurfaces and Breaks Down the 2016 Election

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Jon Stewart Resurfaces and Breaks Down the 2016 Election: The “Man Baby” v. the “Inauthentic”

in Current Affairs, Politics | May 11th, 2016

It’s a farce of an election, and the only thing that could make it bearable is The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. (Sorry Trevor Noah.) But, alas, Stewart retired from the show earlier this year, leaving us starving for some incisive comic relief.

But here’s a momentary respite.

Two days ago, Stewart appeared on “The Axe Files,” a podcast hosted by David Axelrod, once the Chief Strategist for Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns, and now the Director of the Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago. The podcast features intelligent conversations with key figures in the political world. And they often put a human face on political figures you might otherwise disdain. If you want to feel a little better about American politics, you can listen to archived episodes here.

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