Manipulation of Public Opinion by Albrecht Mueller

Manipulation of Public Opinion, 2009
by Albrecht Mueller

Timocracy-rule of the propertied-threatens to replace democracy. The large majority is blocked from political participation and from forming their social future-unlike what was intended in the model of the majority principle in democracy.

This study from Germany explains how spending on education in 2006 was proportionately less than in the 1990s. The impoverishment of the state is a consequence of manipulated public opinion and a form of brainwashing that has encouraged privatization, deregulation, speculation and expansion of the financial sector in the US. The state has become an “errand boy for the banks” (Bill Moyers). Laws are written by lobbyists and politicians are busy raising money for the next election.

The bridge catastrophe in Minneapolis is writing on the wall. The state should represent the public interest and develop countermeasures to exploding inequality, precarious work, pay-to-play government and corporate feudalism. The 26 community centers in Vancouver B.C. create public spirit and enable everyone to feel included in the modern project.

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