May the New Year be full of good surprises!

Arguing with a Trump supporter is like arguing with a pigeon who leaves its dropping on the plate, flies away and says it’s made America great again!

Polish saying: You can make fish soup out of an aquarium but can’t make an aquarium out of fish soup.

Chinese saying: Whoever says it can’t be done should not interrupt the one already doing it.

Language and democracy are under attack under the Twitterer. HUD, CHIPs, Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, WIC food assistance, SNAP, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and UN financial support should be strengthened, not cut.

Trump is attacking the substance and procedure of our democratic system. The state should represent the public interest and yet has become the “errand boy of the banks” (Bill Moyers). Compromises, concessions, negotiations and counter-measures are necessary like community centers.

The ego must die for the self to be born. The light shines in the darkness, in the cabinet of millionaires and generals!

Kierkegaard once said faith was the death of the ego and the celebration of the infinite transcendent and selfless God.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer said our life is inevitably fragmentary and that the ultimate is the model and strength of the penultimate. He was preaching when his country and its institutions became obedient to Hitler and darkness was normalized.

Thanks for your passion and light! We will take our country back!
May the New Year be full of good surprises!

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