No Future and Computerization

No Future and Computerization
by Theresia Pfister, Dec 29, 2016
Crises, cracks in the mirror, wake-up calls and writing on the wall call us to rethinking and resistance, to new priorities and countermeasures. Resignation, obliviousness and the 2-inch world of privatism and consumerism are false securities.

Didn’t the Club of Rome around 1970 warn that it was “5 minutes before 12”? Since then, every year we have been warned of the dangers of the current development – global warming, the melting of the glaciers and the poles, cutting down the last ancient forests, the rapid dying of species, the eroded soil, damages through pesticides, genetic manipulation and others. All the cries of doom died out unnoticed.

If the government is only a tool of self-enrichment, the murky future will be full of cynicism and mistrust.

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