Political Myths and Elite Misanthropy by Herbert Schui

Political Myths and Elite Misanthropy by Herbert Schui, May 2014

In his new book “Political Myths and Elite Misanthropy,” Professor Herbert Schui explains the myth of the achiever, the myth of state indebtedness, the myths of competition and the market and the myth of market-conforming democracy. Clinton used New Testament themes like “the new covenant” and created demeaning workfare and the activating state while encouraging banksters and fraudsters to speculate and create money out of thin air. The economy should be a part of life, not a steamroller crushing self-determination and creativity.

to read the reading sample of “Political Myths and Elite Misanthropy” published in May 2014 and translated from the German on the Internet, click on



On the Myth of the Achiever

Andreas Exner, “The State as a Human Cage,” March 20, 2013

On the Myths of State Indebtedness, Market and Competition

Hans-Jurgen Urban, “The Tiger and its Trainers,” 2013


Konstantin Wecker, “Inhuman Capital,” February 6, 2015


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