President Trump – We are Witnesses of a Turn of an Era by Jens Berger

President Trump – We are Witnesses of a Turn of an Era
by Jens Berger, 11/9/2016

Trump managed to stage himself as a candidate waging a crusade against the political establishment. Only 9% of the population still stand behind the elected congress in a country where established politics has hit rock bottom.

Was this a revenge of the degraded? Does politics only give more to the top 1% and lose sight of the remaining 99%? Traditional politics has no answer to these questions… Insulting voters is not competence. Neoliberal politics knows many losers and very few winners.

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  1. Marc says:

    Teaching in the Time of Trump – Notes at the Conference at Lincoln High School 2/11/17

    Communities can save us from the inexhaustible greed of the super-rich.
    Narcissism and megalomania destroy interdependence, the constitutional state, and separation of powers. In the land of the blind, the slow learners prevail.

    The state should represent the public interest, not special interests or private interests. Inequality hurts. Exploding inequality can lead to corporate feudalism, vulgar materialism and a 2-inch world.

    Government can’t be reduced to “deals” as the Internet can’t be reduced to beauty contests and risque jokes. Majority rule must be balanced by minority protection for the state to be legitimate (Lani Guinier).

    Trump has to become interested in other people, in seeing the good, in exchanging roles, in crediting others, in recognizing social revolutions, blindnesses, corruption, myths, propaganda and misinformation. Never learning from others or seeing the achievements of Canada and the 26 community centers in Vancouver is living in a wilderness of self-absorption

    Narcissists are anti-social and don’t care about the opinions of others and often trash others who criticize as “losers.” The ego must die for the self to be born. All corporate and personal achievements were based on state investments in schools, roads, hospitals, airwaves, food safety, industrial safety and water quality.

    You can watch Jean Twenge’s book presentation “The Narcissism Epidemic” on Other great resources include:,,,,,,,, and

    I hope these notes and suggestions are helpful. Please email me with any comments or criticisms.
    Marc Batko
    Portland OR
    [email protected]

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