Prohibiting Micro-Second Betting on the Exchanges

Prohibiting Micro-Second Betting on the Exchanges
by Urs Gasche, Marc Chesney & Thomas Bieger

The financial sector that has gone off course should serve the real economy again in the future. The exchange functions like a gigantic casino with the difference that a casino is more transparent and is easier to understand. Throwing some sand in the gears would slow down the speculation and restrain the fraudsters somewhat. Only opening the exchanges two days a week would be better.

Learning from critical Swiss economists is vital when the US corporate media trivializes reality. $18 trillion was pumped into the banking system in the 2007/2008 financial crisis. The financial sector weakens and distorts the federal government. The revenue crisis is really a tax refusal crisis. So far in 2018, corporations have spent $214 billion in buying back their own stock according to The Real World Economics Review.

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