Risk managers were risk creators

Hillary said “It’s time to think of Iraq as a business opportunity.” Yesterday or today according to a clip on Facebook, Obama campaigning said “there has never been a more qualified man or woman who ran for President in America’s history than Hillary.” Didn’t he ever hear of FDR? Do modesty and truth-telling fall by the wayside for hucksters obsessed with winning at any price?

Trump is not the first to do away with comedy. The neoliberal system, oligarchy, plutocracy, vulgar materialism, instrumental rationality, narcissism, nihilism, xenophobia, homophobia and war mongering can undermine truth-telling and love of life. Language and democracy are threatened by Newspeak as George Orwell warned.

Secret trade agreements, drone warfare, selective perception and bright-sided thinking (cf. Barbara Ehrenreich) lead people to be non-voters. The super-wealthy including the Clintons, Obama, the Bushes, and King Midas can live in a claustrophobic 2-inch world when they make criticism and alternatives into taboo realities.

Culture shock and critical thinking can open new worlds. To the instrumental rationalist or vulgar materialist, only what puts money in his pocket is real. System theory and theory in general explore how changing assumptions changes world views.

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