The Democrats must draft an alternative tax bill!
Do we live in the Humpty Dumpty world – where words mean what he says they mean?

The Republican $4.2 trillion tax bill is sadism, greed, and chaos. Trillions are cut from Medicaid and Medicare; savage cuts are made to Head Start, SNAP, WIC assistance, food stamps, low income heating subsidies, Pell grants and HUD. Public policy must not be confused with a sledgehammer or a wrecking-ball.

The Republicans only seek to help multi-millionaires and corporations and totally ignore the bottom third. The middle third is wracked with Medicare cuts.

Compromises, concessions, negotiations, and protections of workers and the environment are vital so everyone shares in the gains of productivity and technology. Banks must be saddled with the bill for the financial crisis as causal agents. Government of the people is different than government of the powerful. According to Sen. Jeff Merkley on Facebook, 80% of the income gains go to the top 1%. Chaos happens when universities are unsure about October hiring after regulations are demonized.

Trump should be de-certified and quaranteened for the survival of the planet and our economy. Demonizing regulation and anything related to Obama is irrational and a bitter fruit of self-glorification. Our survival and respect of other nations are not eternal but conditional and dependent.

Alternatives and system criticism are routinely made taboo. Path-dependency often takes over and freedom surreptitiously becomes reduced to Coke or Pepsi or Mr. Cartright this or Ponderosa that! Economic myths like the self-healing market, efficient financial markets, and the invisible hand must be checked by checks and balances lest we race to exploding inequality and plutocratic reality. The state should represent the public interest and yet special or private interests are often in the driver’s seat with deregulation, privatization, liberalized markets, and speculation. Trillions were given to the banks as “too big to fail.” What future will arise if the state is prostituted to the highest bidder and government is reduced to “deals”?

Trump’s budget is sadism, greed, and chaos. Chaos is what happens when universities unsure of their budgets delay their October funding. Demonizing regulations is irrational, like trusting in wishful thinking and magic thinking instead of facts and science.

Donald Trump’s Dangerously Coherent Agenda
by John Nichols,, Oct 2017, 28 pp

Trump is running the US like one of his casinos
by Nomi Prins, Oct 11, 2017,

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