The Elite Look Down on Democracy

“The thought-models of the economy have conquered practically all other social sciences. The person in these models is a homo oeconomicus, a rational agent whose only drive is maximizing his benefits in the sense of egoism. In this view of the person, only an action with the driving force of egoism is rational. Frank Schirrmacher, the conservative editor of FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung newspaper), caused a sensation when he said “the left may be right.”

The rational action of individuals who must sell themselves on the labor market has an irrational moment when these conditions are frozen or turn to stone. People constantly carry out repressions that they cannot see because of the irrationality of the whole (Johannes Alberti).”

to read the articles by Jens Berger and Hans Springstein published in February and April 2013, click on

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