The (Temporary) End of Globalization

The (Temporary) End of Globalization
by Fabian Fritzsche, June 28, 2018

Protectionist measures could lead to losses of prosperity and increase the pressure to introduce more measures. Before the 2008 crisis, world trade grew more than 6% per year (now 2%).

Why should European consumers be punished? Why should US consumers pay more for imports from the EU? The US economy depends on imports from Europe. These questions aren’t even discussed in the current trade war.

(from July 17)

From Helsinki, Trump’s every word was “Hillary’s emails.” What fixation! Every question becomes a question about Hillary’s emails! After two minutes, the Twitterer sounds like his mouth is full of popcorn or casino misanthropy. Russians can live ten years longer and aren’t suffering from the kleptomaniac privatizer Boris Yeltsin courtesy of the US!
Russians survive by selling energy to Germany.

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